Lithiumstart Hiring Process



We have a unique interviewing process designed to get candidates hired quickly and efficiently. To do this we:

  • Use an applicant tracking system for every step of the interview process - we won't lose your resume in the pile and never reply to you, or waste your time with multiple people asking you the exact same questions in multiple interviews.
  • Keep in touch - you will always get a response from us, typically within 5 business days after completing each Round.
  • Give you an opportunity to start interviewing at your convenience using our online platform, rather than playing phone tag to schedule early round interviews.

Interview Rounds

There are usually four rounds to the selection process prior to receiving an offer letter:

  • Round 1 - Technical Interview - (online questions/written responses)
  • Round 2 - Cultural Fit Interview (online questions/video responses) 
  • Round 3 - In Person Interview (onsite at Lithiumstart)
  • Round 4 - Design Exercise (take home)

We may mix this up and add or customize a round on an individual basis particularly if you apply to multiple positions or are seeking to relocate.

Hiring Philosophy

Did you ever send your resume in to the "black hole" and never hear back, or have seemingly never ending rounds with many different people? We created our hiring process to remedy the traditional interviewing experience at most companies that leaves both sides exhausted and frustrated.

We believe that a strong grasp of fundamental skills and concepts are just as important as knowing a particular tool set or having a certain number of years of experience in a particular position. Our technical interview questions are mostly targeted towards understanding what conceptual strengths you have, along with general problem solving and communication skills. We highly value people with interdisciplinary backgrounds who see the whole picture and think creatively across domains.

Cultural fit is also important. Our interview process documents each interview and makes sure that everyone you interview with is able to get this background of who you are.  During the onsite interview, you will meet the other employees who you will actually be working with, as well as the company founders. We encourage you to tell us who you really are and what you are looking for as you make your next career move.

Problems or Withdrawals

If you have any problems with the online interviews or wish to withdraw your candidacy for a position, simply email us at