Posted: Apr 29 2015
by: Lithiumstart Webmaster

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MRAP arrives at Lithiumstart!

As we announced last year, Lithiumstart has won a 2 year US Government contract to develop advanced hybridization technologies for large vehicles. Initial targets will be military vehicles, followed by commercial trucks, ambulances, fire engines, police cars, and delivery vehicles.

Our first testbed vehicle arrived, and its huge! It was delivered in an oversized semi trailer from an army base in the Midwest, and the driver was denied entry to multiple states due to how heavy his load was and had to make a huge loop down through Texas. Its an MRAP, the exact same vehicle seen in the closing sequence of American Sniper. Here we are on a warm up drive around the neighborhood - visibility is limited, definitely need to install a backup camera! We will post more pictures as we begin instrumenting and performing tests.

MRAP next to Fiat 500e electric chase car, hills of South San Francisco in background.